Astrophotography Photos

Messier 101

I have created this photo a while ago but I just wanted to publish it here anyway to create a beginning on my blog. Down here are the details on the object I tried to capture.


  • Name: Pinwheel Galaxy
  • NGC catalogue: NGC 5457
  • Right ascension: 14h 3m 13s
  • Declination: +54° 20′ 57″
  • Constellation: Ursa Major

Camera settings:

  • Frame count: 24
  • Shutter speed: 60 seconds
  • Gain: ISO 800
  • Bias frames: 0
  • Dark frames: 0
  • Flat frames: 0

You can find details about my gear on how I make these photos in a post I did before:

Astrophotography Gear

Astrophotography Gear

I thought I’d make a nice blog post about my astrophotography gear. So here we go! My main gear are the following items:

  • Camera: Canon EOS 760D
  • Telescope: SkyWatcher 150PDS
  • Optics: Coma corrector
  • Mount: SkyWatcher EQ5 Pro

I do also have a barlow 2x convertor but I dare not use it too much as it creates a ton of chromatic aberration. I plan to switch over to a bigger mount and larger diameter telescope in the near future.

Aside from that gear I use a Raspberry Pi 4 to connect my camera, secondary camera (for star alignment) and mount to a piece of software that wirelessly sends the USB signals as hub to my desktop PC indoors.


  • Stacking software: Siril or DeepSkyStacker
  • Post processing: Affinity Photo & Siril
  • Connectivity: Virtual Here

For software I would LOVE to buy the PixInsight license but I am not currently in a luxury budget so I will have to save up for that.

Please feel free to leave a comment down below if you have any questions or suggestions!

Releases Software

SSH Monitor

The initial release of my weekend project called SSH Monitor.
Maybe the name should’ve been more like PiVPN UI or something but whatever… basically what it allows you to do is connect multiple SSH servers (Raspberry Pis) so you can see in a single view that they are all online. Aside from that the UI allows you to manage users from PiVPN.

You can download this release and checkout the code over at GitHub

Or download this release directly using the following link