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SSH Monitor

The initial release of my weekend project called SSH Monitor.
Maybe the name should’ve been more like PiVPN UI or something but whatever… basically what it allows you to do is connect multiple SSH servers (Raspberry Pis) so you can see in a single view that they are all online. Aside from that the UI allows you to manage users from PiVPN.

You can download this release and checkout the code over at GitHub

Or download this release directly using the following link

By Menno van Leeuwen

Graduated as an Application and media developer at ROC Nova college in Beverwijk. Tech enthusiast and astrophotographer. I'm a self-taught programmer working with C# at an early age. I've worked on several projects either as freelancer or simply for pure joy. Learning new things is not something I shy away from; I like to come with new fresh out-of-the-box ideas. I am ready to broaden my knowledge in the field of IT and see where the future leads me to.

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