Astrophotography Photos

Messier 101

I have created this photo a while ago but I just wanted to publish it here anyway to create a beginning on my blog. Down here are the details on the object I tried to capture.


  • Name: Pinwheel Galaxy
  • NGC catalogue: NGC 5457
  • Right ascension: 14h 3m 13s
  • Declination: +54° 20′ 57″
  • Constellation: Ursa Major

Camera settings:

  • Frame count: 24
  • Shutter speed: 60 seconds
  • Gain: ISO 800
  • Bias frames: 0
  • Dark frames: 0
  • Flat frames: 0

You can find details about my gear on how I make these photos in a post I did before:

Astrophotography Gear

Astrophotography Gear

I thought I’d make a nice blog post about my astrophotography gear. So here we go! My main gear are the following items:

  • Camera: Canon EOS 760D
  • Telescope: SkyWatcher 150PDS
  • Optics: Coma corrector
  • Mount: SkyWatcher EQ5 Pro

I do also have a barlow 2x convertor but I dare not use it too much as it creates a ton of chromatic aberration. I plan to switch over to a bigger mount and larger diameter telescope in the near future.

Aside from that gear I use a Raspberry Pi 4 to connect my camera, secondary camera (for star alignment) and mount to a piece of software that wirelessly sends the USB signals as hub to my desktop PC indoors.


  • Stacking software: Siril or DeepSkyStacker
  • Post processing: Affinity Photo & Siril
  • Connectivity: Virtual Here

For software I would LOVE to buy the PixInsight license but I am not currently in a luxury budget so I will have to save up for that.

Please feel free to leave a comment down below if you have any questions or suggestions!