Projects I have made over the years

Here are a whole bunch of projects I have made and/or worked on over the years. Some of them for fun are some for work. Sadly I do not have the source code of everything but you can find some of my projects on GitHub.

Cashier system

A stock tracker and cashier system

I created this application when I was working at Com Today as we needed a more modern cashier system. It can track stock, print receipts, email receipts and track daily incoming and outgoing cash flows.


A astrophotography software shutter for DSLRs

As I switched to Linux I noticed there was software missing to control my camera with the PC, so I created AstroShutter. It uses my other library called gphoto2_cl_bindings. The software allows you to create schedules to make sets of photos of certain objects in the night sky. It will automatically set the camera settings to what you set in the schedule. After taking photos it automatically downloads them for you and debayers them. This is a project I am currently still working on in my free time.

Chat App

A Discord clone before Discord was a thing...

I created this a chat app at the time Discord launched. It's a fully end-to-end encrypted chat app, I was working on adding groups/servers too but stopped development after a catastrophic source code loss.

Anno 1800 FanApp

A fan app for the game Anno 1800

I created this app as I was playing Anno 1800 a lot that time. The app shows detailed info of build processes and resources and such about the game.